Leiki and Privacy

Our policy on privacy is simple and clear; identities of users are none of our business. We never track or store any data that can be used to identify a particular person: no name, address or phone number, no email address, user name or IP address is recorded by our service. Instead we keep our users totally anonymous. Only a random number stored in a cookie tells us that the browser who visited a page was the same browser as the one who visited another page yesterday. The data can be collected for the purpose of advertising and can be shared with third parties.

Record in our system looks like:

A typical profile consists of 50-200 weighted categories and looks like this:



Publishers sites

Some of our publishers use registration and login of users, and may have asked you for personal information. For example, webshops like Amazon and eBay usually require registration and login before you can make a purchase. If you have given them the right to do so (by accepting terms of use), they can combine their person registry with our service. This may allow them to provide you with better special offers by do things like combining what they know about your purchase history at their store with the interest profile. Our privacy policy remains the same in these cases: Leiki has no idea who you are. If there’s any personal information it’s all in the customer’s system, not ours.

Manage your profile

You can clear the anonymous profile associated with your browser or  permanently disable the anonymous tracking here:

  • Clear your profile:  Focus will reset your profile and start building a new one
  • Disable:  This will clear your profile and prevent future updating until you return and click Enable. The “Recommended for you” banner will disappear from the news feed but you will still see “Recommended content” banners elsewhere. These do not rely on the profile but are created from the content on each page.


Right now, your record in our system looks like this: