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Make content discovery effortless and fun.


Grow revenues by driving the most valuable content to the right users. Augment content owners’ strategic vision with our technological edge.

Executive Summary

Leiki provides software as a service (SaaS) solutions for semantic context-based intelligence, intelligent user profiling and audience segmentation. At our technological core, we have a proprietary 200k+ category natural language ontology that empowers our text and user interest analysis, content discovery and audience segmentation engine. Our passion is to make automatic discovery of personally relevant content a reality, i.e., to enable intelligent, optimized online presence, or what some call ‘the user centric web’.

Personal Story on Leiki by Petrus Pennanen

Introducing… Leiki!

Founded in 2000 to develop Web 3.0 and today operating in Europe and the United States, we help content owners like publishers and retailers benefit from group level synergies and see outside the traditional focus on brand silos.

With brand silos content is fragmented over a multitude of different sites. Users move to competitors’ sites when they don’t see the relevant content from the same publisher. Finding content is based on searching or going to a familiar URL; only a small part of potentially interested audiences make the effort to search.


Instead of the human adapting to the machine, we make the machine adapt to the human.

Leiki discovers personally relevant content from all the archives of the publisher, increasing traffic, audience and revenues for all sites. This creates a personal content space with high user retention within the group of brands.  We take the control of traffic flows away from search engines and give it back to the content owner.

In the future, we see an online world centered around the user dominated by relevant content, not the brands. It won’t be dominated by search engines. Instead, it will be dominated by relevant content.


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