Kauppalehti_20151116Leiki CEO and founder Petrus Pennanen was interviewed on his recent visit to New York about the growing demand for Leiki’s services from US customers. In today’s Kauppalehti, the leading Finnish business daily, you can find a full-page story about Leiki’s success in the US market.

“After analyzing web content and use for 15 years, Leiki has collected a large amount of knowledge and data, which is in growing demand in the USA. The company already has several significant customers in the media and advertising industries and the growth of US sales is faster than on other markets.”

“Leiki CEO Petrus Pennanen tells that the traditional content recommendation is based, for example, on the products a user has been viewing in web shops. Leiki however can make product recommendations based on browsing of newspapers and other media before the user goes to the web shop.”

“Leiki software promotes content and ads that the user is likely interested in. […] If a web user for example reads an article about mountain biking, relevant mountain bikes can be offered on the same page. In the traditional type of recommendation the advertisements are easily late with most ads shown after the bike has already been bought”.

“Over the last ten years Leiki has developed a unique ontology, which consists of more than 180 000 topics and five millions of word patterns. The ontology gives our product the power to analyze text and understand the meaning of content.”

“We can also target ads so that they are only seen in positive context. To many US based advertisers it is important that their ads are not shown next to negative news.”

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