A car manufacturer wants to promote their new environmentally friendly SUV to interested consumers. Checking the possible programmatic audiences they quickly discover that there are no good segments available that could meet their specific needs.

What if you could instantly create an audience segment based on any topic or combination of topics you want? Introducing SmartSegments custom audiences!

Most advertisers are already taking advantage of the various targeting options available in the online ad spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or a global corporation, when you’re looking to reach that specific audience many of the available targeting options just don’t cut it. We’re very familiar with the situation ourselves promoting our own services – so it was a no-brainer for us to use our semantic AI to develop a solution for this!

What are custom-made audiences?

In the programmatic ad platforms you can find a large number of different interest-based audiences. Most of them are fairly generic, such as “sports” or “family” and they’re great when you want to put your ad out to a mass of people. Leiki also offers a variety of Standard (e.g. “Healthy Food”) as well as Premium (e.g. “Fine Wine and Luxury Dining”) audiences and these have produced impressive results for our customers.

But when you’re promoting something specific and have a particular interest group in mind that is not readily available, we can use Leiki’s semantic AI to handcraft segments on any topic.

Our customers have found custom-made segments helpful with, for example:

  • Reaching people directly interested a specific product, e.g. “Nail polish”, “Washing machine”.
  • Running a campaign related to a current event or the season, e.g. “Football World Cup 2018” or “Summer clothing”.
  • Combining several interest topics as well as to cut advertising costs, e.g. instead of paying for two separate segments like “Fishing” and “Norway”, use only one custom segment with both topics.

How does this work?

Leiki’s Semantic AI means that you don’t need to list individual keywords! If you want to target people interested in fruit, just type “fruit” – our engine automatically includes all kinds of fruit. It’s also clever enough to not include cases where the word “apple” refers to something else than fruit!

With our semantic AI we can create an audience segment on any topic. Just send a message to our Audience Team to audiences@leiki.com, and we’ll get in touch with you!

Note that we’ve added a few new segments for sale thinking of the recent trending topics and upcoming spring/summer season:

  • Boating
  • Beach Life & Swimwear
  • Bags
  • Clothing Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Coffee Lovers
  • Friends of Beer
  • Wine Enthusiasts
  • Baking & Desserts

Where to find Leiki Semantic Audiences?

Leiki’s programmatic audiences, built with our proprietary Semantic AI technology, are already available on several DMPs, click here to find them!