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Understand user interests in media to unprecedented depth – in real time.

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Why SmartTrends?


Leiki SmartTrends understand user interests in media to unprecedented depth.


Publishers can see what topics appear most often and what topics are most popular among your visitors right now.


Can be used by advertisers to find the suitable platforms to reach optimal target audiences.

SmartTrends in action

The 1-minute video below will show you how simple it is to view and explore audience insights with SmartTrends. This understanding can be used to pre-target products or create programmatic audience segments in our audience tool – SmartSegments.

World-Class Semantic AI Technology

Leiki Focus – our core technology – is a semantic AI software engine designed to understand and create a high-definition analysis of any piece of text, e.g. complex news articles, content marketing or a brief product description. Content analysis data can be integrated into digital services to provide contextual recommendations and personalisation.

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