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A unique marketing & advertising tool for understanding your users by creating detailed consumer interest profiles and combining personal interest data with online purchase intent information.

How SmartTracker generates revenue

Targeting offline marketing via CRM integration.

Making your own online marketing much more effective

Sale of targeting information to advertisers.

Improving your service based on detailed understanding of users.

Use cases

Generating consumer profiles for personalization

SmartTracker identifies purchase intent and consumer interests by analyzing browsing activity, creating purchase intent profiles (PIP)*. You can use PIPs to personalize your site to better reflect the visitors’ interests and meet their needs.

Predicting purchase interests online and utilizing it in marketing & advertising

SmartTracker can trigger multichannel marketing events by comparing the PIP with available products and marketing messages. This allows marketers to pre-target ads to consumers whose purchase history does not foretell interest in a durable good.

Augmenting retail CRM or taxonomies with site visitors’ personal interest profiles

PIPs can be easily integrated into CRM systems and combine it with a user ID, loyalty card, credit card, or site registration, when available. This can then be used for online and offline targeting, campaign analysis and management, as well as best customer modeling. PIPs can be automatically mapped to any customer specific taxonomy, such as a retail product classification.

Monetizing data

You may also offer your PIPs for resale to selected premium marketers to monetize your visitor information through RTB campaigns. Typically you get paid for the data on a CPM basis, with the payment being comparable or even larger than the campaign spend on media space.

Audience segmentation for analysis and campaign targeting

PIPs can be used to compare and link consumer interests between visitors to different sites, products and offers.

*Our Leiki Focus profiling system generates uniquely detailed and accurate weighted topic profiles for all types of web content including articles, videos, social posts, and product listings. Purchase Intent Profiles (PIPs) are then formed when SmartTracker follows consumer clicks in real time to combine the profiles of pages viewed. The PIP typically has several hundred weighted categories describing the interests associated with each web browser.

World-Class Semantic AI Technology

Leiki Focus – our core technology – is a semantic AI software engine designed to understand and create a high-definition analysis of any piece of text, e.g. complex news articles, content marketing or a brief product description. Content analysis data can be integrated into digital services to provide contextual recommendations and personalisation.

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