Earlier this year we launched new SmartSegment audiences on Adform. We’re happy to see advertisers finding our unique semantic segments – and the results are remarkable! For example, a budget hotel chain’s programmatic ad campaign using our ‘Families with children’ audience on Leiki: Improve Media account on Adform received a 2,19% CTR. This, and more results below!

CTR: 2,19%

Families with children

Budget hotel chain

CTR: 1,52%

Interior design & decoration

Construction company

CTR: 0,95%

Real estate & home buyers

Real estate developer

Make your advertising Smarter

Tired of the same old ad targeting options? We know in detail what people are interested in buying. Our SmartSegments will put you in touch with them in minutes.

SmartSegments are available through various providers, e.g. in Finland via Adform (account: Leiki: Aller + MTV and Leiki: Improve Media) and in Sweden in partnership Brain Data Market via Adform (account: BrainDataMarket; segments: BSS) and Bidtheater (audience: Brain Smart Segments).

We’ll be happy to tell you more – contact us!

What are SmartSegments?

SmartSegments are unique semantic audiences that you can’t find anywhere else! Unlike other providers, we can quickly create audiences tailored to the needs of a specific campaign. Save 50% or more of your audience costs: Instead of paying for two separate standard segments like golf and holiday, use only one premium segment golf holiday. Simple, flexible and accurate way to get ads right where they matter!

Standard segments

Want to reach as wide audience as possible but still target your message? Segments on general topics e.g. Automobiles, Economy Business & Finance, Fashion, Food, Entertainment, Health, Sport, etc.

Premium segments

Want to advertise to people based on more detailed interests? Targeted segments on defined topics e.g. Eco-cars, B2B Decision makers, Fine Wine & Dining, Golf, Exotic Luxury Travel.

Custom-made segments

Looking for a precise segment that no one else can offer? Pinpoint your message to specific audiences – we can custom-make a segment on any topic that match your needs! Contact us.