Leiki SmartSegments continue to outperform on all platforms

In an A/B test comparing Twitter’s own Ads Manager and Leiki SmartSegments for Twitter, the Leiki campaign got impressive results:

5 x higher engagement rate

(15.5% vs. 2.8%)

10 x lower cost per engagement

(€0.01 vs. €0.10)

In the test, two campaigns were set up to promote a tweet for our guide for building programmatic audience segments, both campaigns with an identical text and image.

The objective of the test was to find the most optimal target audience for the campaign using Twitter Ads Manager and Leiki SmartSegments for Twitter, and to measure how well the behavioural targeting performs on both tools.

Finding the most optimal target audience

The best target group for our test campaign would be people with interest in programmatic advertising, so we set out to find the best possible segment for this.

In the campaign created via Twitter Ads Manager, the tweet was promoted to people with interest in “Advertising” – the closest possible interest topic to our tweet.

In the campaign created via Leiki SmartSegments for Twitter, we chose to promote the tweet to people with interest either in “Targeted Advertising and Personalised Ads”, “Behavioural Marketing and Targeting”, “Programmatic Marketing” or “Advertising Buyers”.

With SmartSegments we were able to find much more detailed interest topics for our target audience. And the results do speak for themselves!

Build your own success story with SmartSegments

Leiki SmartSegments are flexible, precise and accurate programmatic advertising audiences. With SmartSegments you can find and combine interests on over 200,000 topics to build your own custom audience.

How to get your ad campaign to lift off?

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