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Powerful tool for online advertising managers to create programmatic audience segments for targeting campaigns.

See SmartSegments in action

The 1-minute video below will show you how simple it is to create your own custom-made audience with SmartSegments. In this example, we combined 2 interest topics ‘Sport Utility Vehicles’ and ‘Climate Change’ but you can select as many topics as you want. 

Why SmartSegments?

SmartSegments lets you pinpoint any specific topics groups of users share an interest in, using Leiki’s unique Semantic AI technology


Ability to create premium and campaign-specific segments for any topic(s).


Most in-depth understanding of user interest thanks to Leiki’s unique semantic analysis.

real time

Segments are defined and implemented instantly, using real-time user data.

Try our ready-made segments?

Leiki’s Semantic Audiences are already live on various DMPs, e.g. Adform, DoubleClick, Oracle, etc. 

Trusted by over 50 global partners & customers

World-Class Semantic AI Technology

Leiki Focus – our core technology – is a semantic AI software engine designed to understand and create a high-definition analysis of any piece of text, e.g. complex news articles, content marketing or a brief product description. Content analysis data can be integrated into digital services to provide contextual recommendations and personalisation.

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