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SmartProfiles API

Lightning-fast semantic AI engine for data enrichment and semantic analysis. In 30 languages, used by world-leading publishers.

Use cases

SmartProfiles API is optimized to provide a detailed semantic analysis of articles, documents or any metadata. Typical use cases include:

Create standardized taxonomy

Display related content

Target programmatic advertising

Improve brand safety

Improve content management

SmartProfiles understands meaning deeply

Unlike traditional keyword or entity extraction systems, SmartProfiles creates a human-like understanding of the text that goes far beyond just extracting words or entities. SmartProfiles is even able to analyze very short content and respond with a rich and accurate “tree” of metadata. Below is an example of how our technology compares with a competing NLP system:

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Why customers prefer SmartProfiles?

SmartProfiles simply understands any piece of text like a human. It’s ideal for content targeting and consumer analysis.


Powered by the most advanced Semantic AI technology with 18 years of research & development.


Able to analyze both long and short forms of content, e.g. news articles or video descriptions.


Based on the most comprehensive ontology (concept hierarchy) with over 200k topics and 5.3M rules.

World-Class Semantic AI Technology

Leiki Focus – our core technology – is a semantic AI software engine designed to understand and create a high-definition analysis of any piece of text, e.g. complex news articles, content marketing or a brief product description. Content analysis data can be integrated into digital services to provide contextual recommendations and personalisation.

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