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Leiki SmartBanner offers dynamic creatives that precisely respond to context and user interests to maximize buyer attention.

Leiki SmartBanner boosts your sales and conversion by automatically scanning web stores, analyzing products and promoting the most relevant ones in dynamic creative display ads. It precisely matches ads to the content to maximize buyer attention. SmartBanner is used to pre-target product offer display ads both contextually and personally. Each product can be presented alone or in a rotating multi-product window.

With pre-targeting the most personally relevant products can be shown to each individual before they have visited the webstore itself. Leiki’s semantic AI technology is uniquely able to analyze product purchase intent from browsing of media content such as articles and videos, also when the content doesn’t directly mention any products.

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Why SmartBanner?

No effort is required from the advertiser, agency, network or publisher. Data feeds and targeting parameters are not needed, unlike competing solutions. Quick sign-up and implementation creates a new opportunity of efficient marketing by pre-visit targeting with dynamic creatives.

Accurate product pre-targeting reaches users who have never visited a particular store before. While re-targeting addresses only those who have visited a given store, Leiki Focus Pre-Targeting allows accurate targeting of store offers to users of any media content.

Dynamic creative selects the most relevant message when the creative arrives in the browser, without need for analytics. Over 200,000 topics are used to profile both content and users to find the best match for each ad.

More clicks, more purchases – when consumers act on personally relevant promotions they are more likely to purchase.

Four ways of targeting ads with Leiki SmartBanner

Contextual – matching the most relevant ad with content

We profile content (articles, photo captions, video descriptions, etc.) and find the ad (brand ad, marketing content item, web store product) that best matches each content item.

Behavioral – matching the ad with web user’s personal interests

We create detailed personal interest profiles from clickstream for real-time behavioral targeting.

Vertical – matching the ad with aggregated publisher content

We automatically aggregate publisher content into vertical brand advertising channels around topics of interest to advertisers.

Social – matching the ad with consumer segments

The consumer interest profiles are combined into segments to discover high-value consumers for brand advertising. Advertisers get target audience profiles of engaged consumers (visited, clicked, bought, registered etc.) and target prospects that match the profiles of previously engaged consumers.

Use cases

Major UK newspaper advertised entertainment and sports tickets with SmartBanners with 500% CTR upliftcompared to the untargeted banner.

Price comparison engine advertised product from its catalog of ~200k items with SmartBanner on a tabloid newspaper. Revenue per visit resulting from SmartBanner clicks increased 450% compared to untargeted banners.

Mobile operator campaign audience was analyzed with SmartBanner from landing pages with a variety of creatives. After choosing the best target group and creative, CTR uplift was 350%.

Leading North European publisher targets brand advertising to Leiki Focus’ segmented consumer profiles. Relative performance uplift of 200% for campaign running on major newspapers compared to test group without audience targeting.

World-Class Semantic AI Technology

Leiki Focus – our core technology – is a semantic AI software engine designed to understand and create a high-definition analysis of any piece of text, e.g. complex news articles, content marketing or a brief product description. Content analysis data can be integrated into digital services to provide contextual recommendations and personalisation.

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