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We help omni-channel retailers deliver a personalized experience to each and every buyer.

Unlock new opportunities with Semantic AI

In a digital world overflowing with content, even great products can remain unseen if they don’t reach the right people. Our comprehensive content discovery and audience data solutions help retail & eCommerce businesses drive profitable revenue growth by understanding in details customer interests, improving every touch point in their customer journey and attracting happier, more loyal customers.

Deliver better search results

SmartSearch – Leiki’s NLP search tool – understands the true meaning behind each user’s search query, making it possible for online customers to find all relevant results within the search parameters and across languages.

Maximize buyers’ attention

Leiki’s technology automatically scans web stores, analyzes products and promotes relevant ones with SmartBanner – precisely matching ads contextually and personally. The most relevant products are shown to each individual even before they visit the web store itself.

Increase conversion rate

Online campaign managers can quickly buy Leiki’s premium programmatic audiences on popular DMPs (e.g. Adform or Google DBM) or request custom-made segments directly from Leiki for each specific targeting campaign.

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