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We help financial companies be better in touch with customers, offer them relevant insights and deliver a personalized experience.

Drive customer loyalty with Semantic AI

In the age of big data, artificial intelligence and smart devices, the financial landscape has gone through big changes. Leiki’s leading Semantic AI engine with an in-depth understanding of the financial sector gives financial institutions abilities to personalize customer interactions in real time, across all channels.

Simplify content management

SmartProfiles understands any piece of text in a human-like manner, providing financial institutions with an in-depth semantic analysis as well as an effective uniformed tagging methodology and taxonomy. Our service is available in over 30 languages and counting.

Deliver better search results

SmartSearch – Leiki’s NLP search tool – understands the true meaning behind each user’s search query, making it possible for clients to find all relevant results within the search parameters and across languages.

Deliver personal experiences

Financial institutions can increase CTRs and customer loyalty thanks to contextual and behavioural recommendations from SmartMedia – Leiki’s recommendation engine. SmartMedia provides customers relevant content based on their browsing behaviour starting from the first visit to a new site.

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