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We help advertisers reach and engage the right audiences with contextual targeting.

Right ads for the right audiences

Leiki provides the most accurate data and top-of-the-line audience segments via our innovative Semantic AI engine, which utilises contextual profiling to understand the interests of each visitor. Real-time insights about customers provide competitive edge over other advertisers and in-depth understanding on how your content marketing and digital service works.

Increase conversion rate

Online campaign managers can quickly buy Leiki’s premium programmatic audiences on popular DMPs (e.g. Adform or Google Display & Video 360) or request custom-made segments directly from us for each specific campaign.

Explore consumer insights

Leiki SmartTrends understands user interests in media to unprecedented depth – in real time. Online advertisers can use the tool to quickly find the suitable platforms to reach optimal target audiences.

Maximize buyers’ attention

Leiki’s technology automatically scans web stores, analyzes products and promotes relevant ones with SmartBanner which precisely matches display ads contextually and personally. The most relevant products can be shown to each individual even before they visit the web store itself.

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