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We ensure ads are only seen by people interested in advertisers’ topics and in the right context.

Transform advertising with Semantic AI

Leiki’s Semantic AI engine understands in detail what consumers purchase interests are, and we ensure that ads are displayed alongside content that is a perfect match for brands. We offer companies in the online advertising ecosystem such as DSPs, SSPs and DMPs comprehensive content discovery and audience data solutions outlined below:

Monetize content & audience data

Leiki’s audience segmentation tool – SmartSegments – allows online advertising managers to create premium and campaign-specific audience segments utilising one or more topics. Segments are defined and implemented instantly, using real-time user data.

Simplify content management

Leiki’s SmartProfiles understands any piece of text in a human-like manner, providing an in-depth semantic analysis as well as an effective uniformed tagging methodology and taxonomy. Our service is available in over 30 languages and counting.

Maximize buyers’ attention

Leiki’s SmartBanner automatically scans web stores, analyzes products and promotes relevant inventory to the consumer via contextual and personal matching. The most suitable products can be shown to each individual even before they visit the web store itself.

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