Otavamedia publishes 25 magazines and more than 30 websites in Finland.

Increasing traffic and retaining users more efficiently has always played an important role in Otavamedia’s strategy. In order to manage the huge amount of content on their sites and recommend it to users, the company traditionally used a lot of resources in tagging their content.

However, different journalists and content writers may choose different tags for similar content. Due to the multiple tagging systems, the recommendations were manually selected by the editorial teams which was time-consuming, inconsistent and not cost-effective for the company in the long term.

SmartMedia – semantic content recommendations

To boost traffic within and across Otavamedia’s online publications, they decided to use Leiki SmartMedia. Using Leiki’s semantic AI, SmartMedia analyses all pages to offer readers related content. The content recommendations are selected in real-time and can be either contextual – based on the article, blog post, discussion, etc at hand – or personal – based on a profile created from the browser’s history.

In an extensive 3-month trial designed by an independent consultant and Otavamedia, SmartMedia was used to recommend editorial content from two of Otavamedia’s leading sites: Anna.fi & Kaksplus.fi. SmartMedia recommendations were also put to an A/B test, where they were compared against the previous recommendation systems.


Leiki’s recommendations outperformed the traditional recommendation widgets as well as increased site traffic and activity. During the A/B testing period Leiki SmartMedia performed up to 3 times better than the previous recommendation systems.

Using Leiki’s SmartMedia widgets, the overall average conversion rate (number of clicks on recommendation widgets) was three-fold (298%) on Kaksplus.fi and two-fold (198%) on Anna.fi.

Leiki SmartMedia widget also accounted for 70% of the page events on average.

On both sites, on desktop and mobile platforms as well as each of the tested content types – editorial content and discussions – Leiki accomplished better results.

The largest improvements were registered on Kaksplus.fi (desktop) where Leiki’s widget achieved an increase to 433% within editorial content and to 400% within discussion pages.

On mobile, Leiki’s editorial and discussion recommendations reached 278% and 275% respectively.

Overall, the performance of SmartMedia recommendations was more effective in comparison to the original system. 

Fast and reliable content discovery is a critical component to Otavamedia’s strategy. Leiki has been a valuable partner in providing us with the semantic AI technology to automatically and accurately connect our users with the content they’re interested in.

Tomi Tanskanen

Head of Digital, Otavamedia