Get creative – suggest an audience segment and win 2M impressions!

Leiki SmartSegments are intelligent audience segments you can’t find anywhere else - now available in Finland! We can easily create new segments tailored to advertiser’s precise campaign needs. Do you have a specific audience you’d like to reach? Write below your...

Leiki introduces advanced SmartSegment audiences

Leiki is launching today new advanced semantic audience segments. Now advertisers can target their online ads to user groups who have shown interest in precise topics and product categories the advertisers care about.

Leiki loves privacy

As a company working on the cutting-edge of semantic technology, we take just as much pride in providing the highest level of behavioral recommendations as we do on providing complete privacy to the end-users.

Leiki starts a broad new international data co-operation with Aller Media

Aller Media has announced today its new service for targeted advertising based on detailed customer and target group data. Using Leiki’s unique SmartSegments semantic audience creation tool, Aller is excited to offer the most precise and most enriched target groups on the market.

SmartTrends a smash hit at Slush 15

Last week Leiki took part in Slush 2015, showcasing our new SmartTrends, tracking interests of the Finnish population in real-time.

Leiki in the news: “The door is open to the US ad market”

Leiki CEO and founder Petrus Pennanen was interviewed on his recent visit to New York about the growing demand for Leiki’s services from US customers. In today’s Kauppalehti, the leading Finnish business daily, you can find a full-page story about Leiki’s success in...

Self-service access to Leiki SmartProfiles API now available

Leiki now offers its uniquely capable content analysis service, Leiki SmartProfiles, on the world’s biggest API marketplace, Mashape. This is allows easy self-service access to Leiki’s ground breaking technology at any time. just like through our own SmartProfiles...

Case Study: Leiki Smart Services increase customer flow significantly at Alma Media

Leiki content recommendation services SmartContext and SmartPersonal are widely used in a variety of sites in the Alma Media network to help users discover and consume more of their content. Leiki’s Smart Services are adept at understanding textual content across various content types: articles, video, images, classifieds, etc

Leiki’s Rating the Best among Software Publishers in Finland

Leiki continues to grow profitably. For the 2014 reporting period Leiki achieved 49% revenue growth with 22% profitability. Leiki’s strong financials are reflected by our AAA credit rating. Leiki is the only AAA rated company among the non-game software publishing...

Segmentation the Modern Way – Introducing Leiki SmartSegments

We are launching a new service to our Smart portfolio: Leiki SmartSegments, a tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns. Traditionally publishers have used generic demographics (age, sex, location, browser type) and...

Smoke and mirrors – Magic of Slush 2014

What is this dark and cold place where IT innovators and investors from around the world meet up? Pack your warmest jacket & coolest gear and head to Slush - not the wet snow you might encounter this time of the year, but the hottest tech conference in Northern...