Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle offers personalised news on the go with Leiki SmartProfiles

A news app that serves personal needs using Leiki’s semantic technology:
Get a personal news feed that highlights topics that you’re interested in – and even hides topics that do not interest you. Create and change your focus on the fly.
Be on top of your game: subscribe to notifications for new stories on specific topics.
This is the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle’s NewsWatch app. Every news app in the world delivers ‘Top news’ and some select sections like ‘Sports’ – but the NewsWatch delivers also your very own customised news feed. From a mix of on tens of thousands of topics each reader can tailor a section where they can easily find just those stories that peak their interest.

Creating your personal feed is simple: increase focus on the topics that interest you and reduce or even hide the topics that you prefer not to follow. If you wish, you can also subscribe to notifications on any specific topic to receive an alert when new stories on that field is published.

Everybody’s NewsWatch is different. Get your NewsWatch here.

NewsWatch uses Leiki SmartProfiles to automatically map the topics to each news story.

Put all of your content to work

On mobile screens the space is limited – usability and content plays a key role in a news app! When there’s a rich content selection and it’s easy to find interesting stories, the app is certain to have more value to the user.

How Leiki technology can bring unique value to mobile news apps:

Seamlessly combine content from several publications into one app. For example, create one ‘universal’ – and individually personalised – app with all your media group’s content streams. Or create apps for specific topics, combining relevant content from various sources; e.g. a ‘home & living’ app that combines content from your interior design publication, cooking publication, crafts & DYI publication, real estate site, etc.
Offer a truly personalised use experience: recommend relevant content to each reader based on their indivual interest. Leiki’s unique semantic technology consisting of 180k+ categories, provides unprecedented depth in the personalisation of news.
Straight-forward integration to new or existing services using our API or Javascript tags.