A new analytics innovation for market research, called “LUKU”, combines linguistics, AI, media data and market research in a groundbreaking way. With LUKU analytics, we can discover interest topics based on the online content usage. By understanding the people’s specific interests, organisations can tell about their products and services taking into account the wishes and needs of their target audience.

The concept has been developed in cooperation with Taloustutkimus, Leiki and MTV. Leiki SmartTrends is used to decipher highly granular topics from online content and to create unique anonymous profiles of web users’ interests based on what content is read. The data of the media usage comes from MTV’s vast online network which Taloustutkimus combines to survey responses of their consumer research. Data is collected only when consent has been given by each respondent, and a high level of data security ensures their privacy.

This example snippet is from an analysis made along a survey of the Most Interesting Brands in Finland, comparing people interested in Audi with people interested in BMW. With the LUKU analysis, it is possible to find detailed interests of the people responding to the Taloustutkimus research surveys – even without the need of adding batteries of specific questions about particular interests. As a result, you can note, for example, that fans of BMW are more interested in career and business than friends of Audi.

There are no other market research solutions with such detailed knowledge that we can now offer with Leiki’s unique technology. Encompassing over 200,000 concepts interlinked with over 5 million rules, Leiki can provide the most detailed data on online users’ interests.

I’ve noticed that the emergence of experimental data innovations has caused some concern within the market research industry. For example, what will happen to surveying, will it stay relevant? At Taloustutkimus we are not concerned. On the contrary, we are really excited with the possibilities of combining online and offline data. LUKU analytics is a great example of utilising data innovations within market research.

Pasi Huovinen

Director, Research and Development, Taloustutkimus

LUKU analytics can be combined with all Taloustutkimus research surveys. Read more at Taloustutkimus:
LUKU-analytiikka. Lukemisesta luvuiksi, luvuista tiedoksi, tiedosta ymmärrykseksi

“Luku” is a Finnish word that, depending on the context, can mean either “read” or “digit”. This sums up the two essential elements of the innovation – the combination of reading a piece content and transcribing that content read to digits in our analytics.