The national broadcaster in Finland, Yle has just launched Leiki’s video recommendations on its two main video sites, Yle Areena (Finnish) and Yle Arenan (Swedish). As featured also in the Yle blog, the recommendations on the Yle Areena and Arenan front pages are based on the visitors’ personal interests, showing related videos based on what the visitor have read or watched before.

Once the visitors are on the video pages they will see there contextual recommendations for the video they are watching, i.e. links to other videos of the same topic.

The Leiki recommendations have been already live on the broadcaster’s front page where articles are recommended based on personal interest analysis of the visitor’s clicks on all the broadcaster’s sites. This way the visitor will see personally interesting stories already on their first visit! The Leiki widget on the Yle front page is boasting a high click-through rate and we at Leiki are expecting the Areena & Arenan widgets to be just as successful!

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