Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle has recently extended use of Leiki Smart Services to cover all of their sites. During the past year the broadcaster has received excellent click-through rates by using Leiki’s SmartPersonal and SmartContext on its main site, as well as SmartVideo on its two main video sites, Yle Areena (Finnish) and Yle Arenan (Swedish). Now, Leiki Smart Services will be used on all sites of the broadcaster’s network.

Leiki’s intelligent contextual and behavioral recommendations are particularly helpful in creating synergies between sites. They are very effective in create traffic to premium content such as videos from the most visited pages.

Leiki Smart Services on Yle.fiOn the Yle sites, the contextual SmartContext can be found on article and video pages, showing recommendations of the most related content. SmartContext is unique in that related content is found across different content types without requiring keywords to match.

SmartPersonal behavioral recommendations are shown on the front page as well as article pages and videos. SmartPersonal recommends content based on personal interest analysis from clicks across all of the broadcaster’s sites. Yle has been Leiki’s first customer to actively use SmartPersonal on article pages in addition to front pages, getting great click-through rates by showing both personal and contextual recommendations next to articles.

More about SmartPersonal recommendations on the Yle front page and on Areena video services.

Recently, Yle also launched a mobile app for personalized news called Uutisvahti. Like on the websites, personal recommendations in the news ‘watchdog’ app are achieved using Leiki SmartPersonal.

“The time of one-size-fits-all news is over,” states the Head of Internet, News and Current Affairs at Yle, Mika Rahkonen.

Yle’s Editor-in-Chief, Atte Jääskeläinen highlights the personalisation as a key factor in the app, “Yle News Watchdog App is our effort to increase the value of news to the user.”

Download Uutisvahti: Android phones | Windows phones | iPhones.


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