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So are we! If you want to complain about the Finnish weather or discuss content discovery, ad tech, or AI, come see us at Slush on booth B.42 on Dec 1st.

We are looking for partners to scale-up our global operations. We’re currently highly profitable and Leiki is ranked among the Top 25 of Finland’s best performing businesses in 2016.

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Showcasing at Slush 2017


SmartTrends understands and displays user interests in media to unprecedented depth. What topics appear most often in your content? Or what raises the most interest among your visitors? You can drill deep into specific topics, see more general trend lines, compare the differences between visitors from different geographic areas or using different device types.


SmartSegments is a tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns. Unlike traditional targeting and segmentation that produce generic audience segments, Leiki SmartSegments can pinpoint specific topics a single user or groups of users share an interest in. Simple, flexible and accurate way to get ads right where they matter!