OHCHRThe Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has named the Observer service, “Tarkkailija” on its list of Good Practices as an online tool that makes environmental information public. Only six other online services from all around the world made that list.

OHCHR tells about Tarkkailija:

Tarkkailija, a map-based web application launched in 2009, seeks to increase access to information regarding environmental and land use projects in different areas and cities by enabling interested parties to identify themes or locations that they would like the application to monitor. […]

Tarkkailija collects information, including news articles, permit applications, and environmental review documents, from over 400 websites, including data from all Finnish municipalities and government websites, the media, and other network services. It provides users with access to information on environmentally relevant projects that they might otherwise be unaware of and allows users to take action at the right time. The project is based on the notion that if individuals have access to and are capable of following the environmental decision making process from an early stage, their rights related to participation are better protected.

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Leiki & Tarkkailija – finding the right information

Leiki is proud to be a part of such an integral service as Tarkkailija and to provide our intelligent content discovery methods for important public use!

Standard Internet search engines tend to struggle with understanding place names accurately and locating the right information from a particular area. Or even worse, the effort has been left for the user to crawl through the deep dungeons of hundreds of web sites.

Tarkkailija service has turned the search based traditional concept upside down and put the user in the center. We crawled and analyzed over 2 million articles and documents and profiled them with the Leiki ontology of more than a million interrelated concepts. The system also analyzes user interests in real time and presents personally relevant content. As a result, the user will get a unified and seamless service conceived by the personally most relevant information from the multitude of public sector organizations.

More about Leiki and Tarkkailija

Tarkkailija with Leiki SmartSearch



About OHCHR – working for human rights and the environment

A safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment is integral to the full enjoyment of a wide range of human rights, including the rights to life, health, food, water and sanitation. In recent years, the recognition of the links between human rights and the environment has greatly increased and already many countries now incorporate a right to a healthy environment in their constitutions.

OHCHR represents the world’s commitment to universal ideals of human dignity. In March 2012 the Human Rights Council decided to establish a mandate on human rights and the environment, which will (among other tasks) study the human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment, and promote best practices relating to the use of human rights in environmental policymaking.