The national broadcaster Yle is using Leiki’s SmartPersonal content recommendation on its front page. Here articles are recommended based on personal interest analysis of the visitor’s clicks on all the broadcaster’s sites. This way the visitor can see personally interesting stories already on their first visit to the Yle front page! The widget has been performing well and we were happy to hear from Maria Hausen, Executive Producer at Yle, that the Leiki widget has received a high click-through rate.


Screenshot translated from Finnish to English

Announced earlier

National Broadcaster Launches Leiki Video Recommendations
Yle has incorporated Leiki’s video recommendations on its two main video sites, Yle Areena (Finnish) and Yle Arenan (Swedish). Like on the front page of the site, article and video recommendations on video section front pages are based on the visitor’s personal interests analyzed from their previous clicks on the whole of Yle online. On the individual video pages users will see contextual recommendations for the video they are watching, i.e. links to other videos with most similar topics