Aller Media has announced today its new service for targeted advertising based on detailed customer and target group data. Using Leiki’s unique SmartSegments semantic audience creation tool, Aller is excited to offer the most precise and most enriched target groups on the market. For the first time, Leiki will also enhance the target groups using external data sources for users’ online behavior outside a media group’s properties.  A much more comprehensive picture of purchase intent is formed by combining high-volume international clickstreams with a behavior on publisher sites.


According to Laura Avonius, Director of Digital Innovations at Aller, marketing is still too heavily relying on false and vague assumptions on people’s behavior. The old categorizations – based on age, gender, type of family or home – no longer are valid in marketing.


In today’s world you cannot make accurate assumptions based on rough classifications. Consumer profiles have become much more personalized; people are not defined by age but by common interests and life situations.

Laura Avonius

Director of Digital Innovations, Aller Media

With the help of Leiki’s technology, European populations are dynamically segmented based on their values, lifestyles and current interests. Using Aller’s own customer and subscriber data and external data from various international sources, a comprehensive picture of consumer’s purchase intent that could not be seen from one data source alone, is found.

The consumer has up until now felt that the traditional, inaccurate advertising is at worst a disruption. Our new service will change marketing into a service that can benefit the user. We are simply tired of wrong assumptions and want to offer our customers information and precise target group knowledge as well as bring a human touch into the marketing.

Sini Kervinen

Head of Online Advertising, Aller Media


Leiki CEO Dr. Petrus Pennanen is enthusiastic about having a partner that looks forward on data.


Our co-operation with Aller shows the way for media in US and Europe. Advertising can become a useful service when online behavior data is enriched with Leiki’s semantic intelligence and combined with demographics. Ability to use high-volume international data sources in addition to behavior on own sites is another key factor that will differentiate the media companies of the future.

Dr. Petrus Pennanen

CEO & Founder, Leiki

Leiki SmartSegments

Leiki SmartSegments are unique enriched data segments for online advertising. SmartSegments is the most essential tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns. It intelligently gathers the topics each user is interested in from users’ clicks and allows online advertisers to cherry-pick the topics that they want to target each ad to and create very detailed audience segments. Simple, flexible and accurate way to get ads right where they matter!