Leiki’s Semantic AI technology is rapidly gaining market share in the programmatic marketing ecosystem in both Europe and US.

We are happy to announce that Leiki’s Semantic Audiences are now available to Google’s advertiser and agency customers in DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM).

Leiki audiences are created with SmartSegments tool from real-time interest data and are powered by our semantic AI.

Together with our publisher customers, such as Aller Media in the Nordics, we are delighted to have these premium audiences now available as a data source for campaigns in DBM, DoubleClick’s DSP.

“We offer both standard and premium audience segments, which are hand-crafted and based on real-time interest data”, comments Aki Snellman, Sales Director at Leiki. “Leiki also works in close collaboration with media agencies and provides planning support for data buyers across the Nordics”.

Leiki is amongst the frontrunners of 1st-party, premium publisher data providers with its unique and proprietary technology for building semantic segments. Being in the programmatic audience data business since 2015, Leiki has been working with leading Scandinavian publishers as their data technology partner. In addition, Leiki has been developing data monetization strategies together with its publisher customers. Leiki’s semantic AI technology and know-how are available in all European markets and languages.

These Audiences are now available from Sweden, Finland and the UK markets and more countries will be made available throughout 2018.

For direct licensing in DoubleClick, contact sales@leiki.com.

What are Semantic Audiences?

Leiki Audiences are programmatic audiences built with our proprietary SmartSegments technology. By analyzing millions of individual web pages and content articles online users have visited we have a more detailed picture of people’s interests compared to other providers that segment users based on e.g. domain level.

Leiki Audiences are available on several DMPs, click here to find them!

Standard segments

With Standard segments you can reach a wide audience while staying targeted with our unique semantic technology; Fashion, Automobiles, Entertainment, Food, Health, Sport, etc.

Premium segments

Our Premium segments lets advertisers to target groups on more detailed interests, such as Eco-cars, B2B Decision makers, Fine Wine & Dining, Golf, Exotic Luxury Travel.

Custom segments

For your specific needs we can also create a precise Custom-Made segment and have it live in minutes. Just contact us!