Are you concerned about your privacy online? So are we! Working with behavioral targeting in the online media alongside publishers and advertisers we at Leiki take just as much pride in providing the highest level of behavioral recommendations as we do on providing complete privacy to the end-users.

Leiki is a member of European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), a European cross-industry initiative to enhance transparency and user control for online behavioral advertising (OBA). We are also integrated with Your Online Choices, a benchmark for companies committed to responsible advertising practices. There consumers can monitor and switch behavioural advertising on or off.

Behaviorally targeted ads are an important source of revenue for media companies and is the preferred choice for many as it provides consumers with more relevant ads based on their interests. Concerns for privacy are often raised and the practices of companies working with behavioral advertising can seem veiled behind various layers of technologies not accessible to the end user. As a member of EDAA and Your Online Choices, Leiki works hard to bring transparency to behavioral advertising. While the quality of our behavioral targeting is our edge over the competitors, we also want to empower internet users and to operate with sound & sustainable business practices.

Our core principle is respecting your privacy

The Leiki policy on privacy is simple and clear; identities of users are none of our business. We never track or store any data that can be used to identify a particular person: no name, address or phone number, no email address, user name or IP address is recorded by our service. Instead, we keep our users totally anonymous.

Go to our Privacy page to read more about our technology in relation to your privacy, to view the anonymous interest profile of your browser at and if you wish, you can also clear your profile and disable the anonymous tracking.

Behavioral advertising – what it means and what are the benefits?

Behavioral advertising refers to ads that are tailored to match your interests. With Leiki’s semantic recommendations this is done by intelligently – and completely anonymously – collecting the readers’ interests via their clicks. The same technology works for recommending all types of content, not just ads, to provide a more personalized use experience and more interesting content.

What are the benefits? With Leiki’s behavioral recommendations, you’ll see more content that is interesting to you. Instead of browsing through content and ads that you have no interest in, you can see more relevant quality content and adverts with no additional effort or cost. While this benefits the reader, this is also useful for the advertisers as they can reach a relevant audience without showing ads to readers that have not interest in what they have to offer.  Publishers and content owners find behavioral recommendations helpful as this allows them to provide a much better service to their readers, and provides them with the necessary revenue to pay journalists for creating quality content and to fuel innovations for future.

Our most popular services for behavioral recommendations

Leiki SmartPersonal

Show visitors personally relevant content across sites, automatically on each page. Understand each visitor’s interests and accurately personalize their service.

Leiki SmartSegments

Quickly create tailored audience segments that sell and understand user interests in media with unprecedented depth.