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Leiki is launching today new advanced semantic audience segments, first available with data from leading Finnish publisher Aller Media and broadcaster MTV.  Now advertisers can target their online ads to user groups who have shown interest in precise topics and product categories the advertisers care about.

Traditionally advertisers have used demographic segments for targeting, which often works poorly as people’s interests inside each demographic have grown more diverse. Standard interest-based segmentation is very rough such as ‘music’, ‘sports’, ‘movies’, ‘business’ usually based on the type of site the browser has visited. This type of segmentation offers little advantage for the advertiser – selling golf holidays to everybody interested in sports is not going to result in a huge response rate. Leiki analyzes each page the user visits in unprecedented detail, easily enabling showing golf ads to those users who have specific interest in that game – perhaps coupled with travel interest to the countries the holidays are offered in.

Some of our new audience segments, first available on the programmatic advertising platform Adform (provider name: “Leiki: Aller+MTV”) for the Finnish market:

Travel segments, such as Budget Travel; Exotic Luxury Travel.

Automobile segments, such as Pick-up Trucks & Vans; Eco-Cars.

Nature & Environment segments, such as Climate Change; Trekking & Hiking; Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Politics segments for the upcoming municipal elections, such as individual political parties.

B2B segments, such as B2B Decision Makers.

Entertainment segments, such as Sexuality; Singles and Dating.

Sport segments, such as Golf; Motor Sports; Fantasy Sport.

Food segments, such as Food Allergies and Intolerances; Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine; Veganism; Barbeque Lovers; Fine Wine & Dining.

Leiki’s audiences are also available on the Swedish market via Brain Data Market on following platforms: Adform, Pubmatic, BidTheater and AdaptX.

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What’s Leiki SmartSegments?

Leiki SmartSegments is a tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns. Unlike traditional targeting and segmentation, Leiki SmartSegments go much deeper. SmartSegments is a unique tool to pinpoint specific topics groups of users share an interest in. Simple, flexible and accurate way to get ads right where they matter!