Leiki SmartTrends now enriches market research. Taloustutkimus is an independent and certified full service market research company operating in Finland, Russia and the Baltics and offers Leiki’s Big Data analysis for brands to better understand the interests of people interested in their brand or their competitors. This data can be utilized to plan and implement all kinds of communications, including targeting advertisements.

Taloustutkimus Big Data analysis gives insights on about 400 interest topics. Based on the analysis, you can compare interest profiles of people that follow your brand or e.g. your competitors.

The example snippet here has been made based on the respondents’ to the survey of Most Interesting Brands in Finland, comparing people interested in Audi with people interested in BMW.

As a result, you can note for example that people interested in Audi would be more responsive to messages and channels related to sports, pets and technology than people interested in BMW.

Based on the Big Data analysis it is possible to predict in detail the interest of people responding to the Taloustutkimus research surveys – even without having any specific questions about those interests in the surveys.

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Leiki SmartTrends

SmartTrends understands user interests in media to unprecedented depth – in real time. Publishers can see what topics are trending in their content and advertisers can use it to find the suitable platforms to reach optimal target audience. You can drill deep into specific topics, observe general trend lines as well as compare the differences between visitors from different geographic areas or using different device types.