Find Leiki audiences in Adform

A step-by-step guide to finding & buying Leiki’s programmatic audience segments in Adform.

Step 1

You’ll find Leiki Audience segments in Adform Line item targeting. Select “DMP Audience” targeting and click “Audience Marketplace” to open the list of audience providers:

Step 2

Type “Leiki in the Search Audience box to find all Leiki Audiences faster. You’ll see several Leiki logos with different data sources, e.g. Leiki: Bauer Media. You can also search with our segment names directly.

Pro tip: Click the Star icon to add Leiki to your favorite data providers. Next time, you’ll just need to click “Show favorites only” and find our audiences right away. 

Step 3

In each Leiki’s account, e.g. Leiki:Aller, you can browse and view audiences by category:

Step 4

In order to add one or multiple segments to your Adform Line item, click the blue “+” button on the right side and save your segment targeting by clicking the top Save button.

We are here to help!

If you experience any difficulties in finding a specific segment or you just want to explore a specific segment tailor-made only for your campaign, please contact our audience team at audiences(at)