2017 marked many changes at Leiki. We grew in a number of ways; In terms of employees, we are now more than 20 people in Europe & the US. In terms of available languages, our technology supports 26 languages and the number is growing as we speak. In terms of markets, in 2017 we expanded our foothold in Germany, Spain and Portugal. Our SmartProfiles semantic text analysis API serves customers on multiple continents through high-availability clusters. And Leiki’s customer base expanded in public sector and research, as well as through integrations with data marketplaces.

This growth also marked a shift in our focus, going back to the core of our technology of semantic AI. Leiki’s semantic AI enables data driven companies to analyse any textual content to the same extent as their numerical data. Our new edition of SmartTrends shows the capabilities and possibilities of semantic AI text analysis, which we have used to expand our audiences business.

Leiki welcomes 2018! We expect to see an increasing demand for semantic AI, data analytics and interest-based audiences, with our core technology serving brand advertisers, market research agencies and programmatic marketplaces in addition to publishers and broadcasters. Stay tuned for more news!

Leiki’s 2017 by numbers

Leiki & customer highlights

Our most read news and blog posts from 2017

Bonnier Tidskrifter launches Leiki’s semantic ad targeting

Jan 12, 2017
“This way we can direct the right message to the right people” – Jorid Aldrin, Bonnier Tidskrifter


Leiki introduces advanced SmartSegment audiences

Feb 21, 2017
Leiki knows in detail what people are interested in buying.

News app that looks like you

Feb 23, 2017
NewsWatch uses Leiki SmartProfiles to automatically map the topics to each news story.


Leiki expands collaboration with Bauer Media

Oct 2, 2017
SmartSegments with Bauer Media audiences are now available in Adform.

SmartSegments outperform Twitter Ads

Oct 26, 2017
5 x higher engagement rate (15.5% vs. 2.8%) and 10 x lower cost per engagement.


Leiki powers new analytics innovation with Taloustutkimus and MTV

Nov 20, 2017
“LUKU analytics is a great example of utilising data innovations within market research” – Pasi Huovinen, Taloustutkimus



Welcome On Board

We’re very excited to welcome new people to the Leiki team – here the latest additions! We are always looking for new talent. If you have an idea on how you contribute to Leiki, send us a message.
Vuokko Hangaslahti

Vuokko Hangaslahti

Ontology developer

Vuokko is completing her Master’s degree at the University of Helsinki. Her wide interest in languages & linguistics and experience as a research assistant in language-related projects makes her a great addition to Leiki ontology team. Apart from work, she likes to learn new dance styles and is an active member of a performing dance group.
Georgi Boychev

Georgi Boychev

Algorithm Developer

Georgi is a computational linguist and Java developer with a keen interest in machine learning. He earned his Master’s degree in computational linguistics, studying in Germany, Netherlands, and France. Now after working in Sofia and Amsterdam, he’s moved even further north to join the Leiki developer team. When Georgi isn’t implementing radical new solutions to challenging problems, he’s often found biking, hiking, and meeting fun people.
Shankar Lal

Shankar Lal

System Administrator

Shankar has a strong background in computer network and cloud security. He earned his Master’s degree in Communication Engineering from Aalto University, and continued his doctoral studies there. In his free time, he loves playing and watching his favorite sport Cricket.

What is Leiki all about?

In a world of Big Data, Leiki is dedicated to make sense of it all. Most companies focus on analysing numbers, but what would you do when your data is text? This is where we come in. Since 2000, our goal has been to make the web smarter, online services more user friendly and to make content discovery easier. Instead of the human adapting to the machine, we make the machine adapt to the human.

After nearly two decades of continuous work from our dedicated team, we couldn’t be prouder of our Semantic AI technology, which produces an unparalleled understanding of any given text. We’re excited about 2018 – again one step closer to a Smarter online world centered around the user and dominated by relevant content.

Want to hear more?

Our semantic AI technology makes content discovery and audience creation effortless and fun. If you think we can assist your business in any way or you are curious to hear more, feel free to contact us or try our Url Demo.