Autumn is a busy season at car service centers in the Nordic countries: Winter tires are mandatory thanks to the regular snow and ice cover. Brain Data Market, a partnership between Stampen Media Group and Leiki, is launching a new type of intelligent segment targeting Swedes who need tire change services. The segment combines hard offline data on car ownership with Leiki’s SmartSegments online audience data. Based on a uniquely capable semantic engine, SmartSegments identifies busy parents with children in recreational sports along with other potential customer groups who have little time to change the winter tires themselves.

By creating well defined audiences for specific advertiser segments we are able to spread the awareness on how data can contribute to advertising efforts, as well as clearly identifying who the potential buyer of this segment is. The audience “Tire changers” targets consumers that the advertisers want to reach by combining different types of relevant data.

Martin Bergqvist

Chief Development Officer, Stampen Media Group

Other Leiki segments like “sport fanatics”, “fashion lovers” and “home carpentry” are right now out for bidding in Stampen’s channels. All segments are exceeding in CTR and conversion.

Leiki SmartSegments

Leiki SmartSegments is a tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns. Unlike traditional targeting and segmentation, Leiki SmartSegments go much deeper. SmartSegments is a unique tool to pinpoint specific topics a single user or groups of users share an interest in. Simple, flexible and accurate way to get ads right where they matter!