You might have heard of stereotypes associated with a particular device, but now we can find out the actual differences in people’s behavior. What are the interest differences between consumers who choose iPhones or iPads and those who go with Android? Leiki has been collecting very detailed anonymous interest data and is now releasing a sample of the results gathered from the Leiki SmartTrends tool. After analyzing billions of clicks from 20 million browsers in Europe on two major device brands there were some interesting differences.

In this edition of the Leiki Consumer Insight Report we look into the general trends that can be found on broad topics such as food & drink, health care, fashion & style, technology and so on. We also dig deeper into the area of fashion brands as an industry-specific example of the power of our tool. We can see that some of the stereotypes regarding trendy Apple users hold true – iOS users are more into fashion, especially haute couture and luxury brands like Hermes and Prada while Android users go more for sports clothing and brands like Benetton, Zara and H&M.

What is Leiki doing here?

Over more than 10 years, Leiki has developed a unique ontology with more than 150k topics associated with millions of word patterns to analyze text and to understand meaning of content in great detail. Based on the content analysis Leiki’s product follows consumer interests associated with individual browsers in real time. When users are grouped according to the device they use we can find out average interests associated with each device type. In this release we focus on comparing Apple users with Android users.

To find out more about Leiki SmartTrends or to suggest a topic for our next edition of Consumer Insight Report, contact us.