Today brands and media buyers are making major investments in programmatic advertising. By targeting audiences formed from real-time behavioral data, they can greatly boost their results and ROI – and also increase publisher revenues.

Whether you’re setting up a fresh campaign for your brand with a focused audience segment, or want to make the most of your existing campaign with audience targeting, it’s probably a smart move. According to Forbes, behavioral targeting can easily improve conversion rates by over 200%. So, just pick some audience segments and expect leads and customers to roll on in, right?

Wrong. Having hands on selective audience segments doesn’t always guarantee the best results right off the bat. How to find the best segment for you?

Our segments are behavior-based and crafted by the world leading semantic technology and AI engine. Many advertisers nowadays are still working with traditional, generic audience segments and you may find it somewhat challenging to make the most of the new powerful tools. Below are 5 tips our top performing advertisers often use to build the most relevant audiences.

How to Build Programmatic Audience Segments

We’ve been working closely with our customers to build the most effective audience segments in the market. Here are five essential methods in creating the most relevant audience segments for your campaign!

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1. Don’t get stuck with too general segments

If you want to maximize the accuracy of the results, it’s best to find those audiences that match your need. For instance, if you want to advertise your top-quality sushi, which segment would you prefer ‘Japanese cuisine’ or ‘Food & Drink’? Undoubtedly, it’s easier to find a sushi lover in the former. Leiki’s HiDef categories offers the even more detailed topics for precision targeting.

2. Analyze real-life situations to build psychologically relevant audiences

Life stages and stereotypes can be used with building good segments. For example, if you want to promote your newest hybrid SUV, you might want to look further than ‘Sport utility vehicle’ segment and expand your campaign to an audience with interests in ‘Climate change’. These segments are not only relevant but also have a good number of potential customers.

3. Analyze user interests from your product sites

Tracking interests of customers who already visit your product site is a great way to enhance your campaign. Statistics from Leiki tracker can reveal insight on your customers to boost your online and offline marketing. For instance, imagine running an online shoe store. Your site visitors are most likely interested in shoes, but what else; Rock music? Fitness? Fine arts? We can help you find out!

4. Use lookalike audiences for your campaign

Tracking a luxury car product site might reveal its visitors are interested in ‘golf’, while customers who order a test drive of a compact car like ‘hip hop & RNB’. You can then expand the reach of your campaign by using audiences interested in these topics. For further increase in effectiveness ads can be tailored to match the new topics.

5. Use direct interests from the trends

With SmartTrends you can discover currently trending interests and create segments based on those topics. Our customers understand rapidly shifting customer interests and can quickly react to them thanks to Leiki’s powerful analysis tool.

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