The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle highlights personalization as the key for increasing value of news services

Leiki has worked with YLE since 2014 to deliver SmartMedia personalisations for their news app, NewsWatch. In a news app, usability and content plays a key role here due to limited space on mobile screens. When there’s a rich content selection and it’s easy to find interesting stories, the app is certain to have more value to the user. Leiki’s unique semantic AI technology enables YLE to:

  • Offer users personal news feeds that highlight topics that they’re interested in – and hide topics that do not interest them. Users can create and change their focus on the fly.
  • Help users stay on top of the game: subscribe to notifications for new stories on specific topics.

NewsWatch uses SmartProfiles to automatically map the topics to each news story. Consisting of 200k+ categories, Leiki’s technology provides unprecedented depth in the personalisation of news. Unlike other news apps which often deliver ‘Top news’ and some general sections like ‘Sports’, Yle’s NewsWatch delivers to each user his/her very own custom news feed. This means everyone’s NewsWatch is different. From a mix of tens of thousands of topics, each reader can tailor a section where they can easily find just those stories that peak their interest.

The time of one-size-fits-all news is over. We are introducing a more personalised service to complement the traditional news offering. This a big deal for Yle – and it’s only the beginning.

Mika Rahkonen

Head of Internet, News and Current Affairs, Yle

Yle is Finland’s national public broadcasting company, founded in 1926. Yle’s turnover for 2017 was EUR 472.3 million.

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