Leiki powers new analytics innovation with Taloustutkimus and MTV

Taloustutkimus is an independent full service market research company operating in Finland, Russia and all Baltic countries.

A new analytics innovation for market research – LUKU – was created together with MTV, leading Finnish media company, and Leiki. The concept combines linguistics, AI, media data and market research in a groundbreaking way. With LUKU analytics, we can discover interest topics based on the online content usage. By understanding the people’s specific interests, organisations can tell about their products and services taking into account the wishes and needs of their target audience.

Leiki SmartTrends is used to decipher highly granular topics from online content and to create unique anonymous profiles of web users’ interests based on what content is read. SmartTrends is powered by a world class semantic AI engine consisting of over 200k concepts interlinked with 5.3 million linguistic rules which can provide the most detailed data on online users’ interests. The data of the media usage comes from MTV’s vast online network which Taloustutkimus combines to survey responses of their consumer research. Data is collected only when consent has been given by each respondent, and a high level of data security ensures their privacy.

Leiki, Taloustutkimus and LUKU were featured in Markkinointi & Mainonta magazine, 4 Dec 2017. Read the full article here (in Finnish).

I’ve noticed that the emergence of experimental data innovations has caused some concern within the market research industry. For example, what will happen to surveying, will it stay relevant? At Taloustutkimus we are not concerned. On the contrary, we are really excited with the possibilities of combining online and offline data. LUKU analytics is a great example of utilising data innovations within market research.

Pasi Huovinen

Director, Research and Development, Taloustutkimus

Taloustutkimus is an independent full service market research company operating in Finland, Russia and all Baltic countries.

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