Kesko increases sales and customer loyalty with SmartMedia

Kesko is the leading multi-sector retailer with 1800 stores in Nordic and Baltic regions.

The company has a wide range of web pages featuring thousands of products and a huge amount of editorial, user-generated and product-related content. To boost sales, a common solution in online retail is to use SEO. However, people typically use Google search when they have no idea where to find what they are looking for. In this case, many customers already know that Kesko’s sites have information they need but the problem is how to access it fast. SmartMedia – Leiki’s smart content recommendation engine, enabled Kesko to recommend visitors relevant content based on context or behaviour across the company’s sites, even in their first visit on a new site. By making it very easy for visitors in finding interesting relevant content on the sites, the company was successful in driving more sales to its products.  

For example, when a user reads several articles on bathroom renovation on Kesko’s loyal customers magazine, immediately, the page displays contextual recommendations (e.g. articles, videos, discussions, blog posts, etc.) powered by SmartMedia. However, not all the users click on these recommendations on the first pageview as they might still want to do more research on the topic. This is when Leiki’s personalization comes in.

When the user leaves the site, he/she had already been accurately but anonymously profiled by Leiki’s semantic AI technology. Later when the user visits any other site within Kesko’s network, the most interesting bathroom items from tens of thousands of Kesko’s products will be automatically selected for banner displays. By the time the user feels he/she had read enough about the topic and started thinking about product options, those relevant items are just one click away.

Kesko is one of the leading Finnish retailers operating in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade. The company has about 1800 stores in Nordic and Baltic regions with EUR 10.6 billion revenue in 2017.
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