Digital Brain Nordic Offers Unique Target Groups with Leiki SmartSegments

Digital Brain Nordic and Leiki together offer advanced data enrichment services in order to give marketers a better marketing ROI and better audience targeting, and to help publishers segment their users into more relevant audiences for the media buyers. At the core of the partnership is a tight focus on delivering audience solutions to marketers, brands and publishers in Nordic region.

Powered by Leiki’s semantic AI technology, Brain offers 100% semantically-enriched audience segments to media agencies, brands and publishers in Sweden. This solution allows advertisers to easily target these high-value audiences which have always been impossible to reach by just using traditional demographic targeting based on generic attributes such as age, gender and income-levels.

Leiki SmartSegments and Brain can pinpoint refined segments, for example, ‘Book Worms’, including intellectuals interested in theater and literature, or ‘Decision Makers’ with semantic profiles consisting of financial instruments, corporate technology or fiscal reports; and many other ground-breaking audience groups. Over 30 premium segments of Leiki and Brain are available in Adform and Google Display & Video 360.

By creating well-defined audiences for specific advertiser segments, we are able to spread the awareness on how data can contribute to advertising efforts, as well as clearly identifying who the potential buyer of this segment is. Martin Bergqvist

CEO & Co-owner, Digital Brain Nordic AB

Digital Brain Nordic AB is a leader in providering high-quality delivering audience solutions to marketers, brands and publishers in Nordic region.

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