Leiki expands collaboration with Bauer Media

Bauer Media Group is one of the largest publishers in Europe with over 600 magazines in 20 countries. Leiki is working with Bauer Media by optimizing content recommendations through Leiki SmartMedia and by offering interest-based audiences SmartSegments tool, powered by a world leading semantic AI engine. SmartSegments helps Bauer create a new revenue stream by utilizing their own data sources.

Thanks to Leiki technology, European audiences are no longer segmented by using vague, generic categorizations such as age, gender, type of family or home. Instead they are dynamically and precisely segmented based on their values, lifestyles, current and long-term interests. Using Bauer’s own customer data and external data from various international sources, a comprehensive picture of consumer’s purchase intent that could not be seen from one data source alone, is found.

SmartSegments has been proved useful in:

  • Launching new audience segments on the fly.
  • Creating premium and campaign-specific segments for any single topic or a combination of topics, whether they are very specific or general.
  • Most in-depth understanding of user interest thanks to Leiki’s unique semantic analysis.
  • Implementing and defining segments instantly, using real-time user data.

Bauer Media offers diverse content with entertainment and music and those programmatic audiences are now available in both Adform and Google DBM.

Bauer Media Group is a European-based media company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, that manages a portfolio of more than 600 magazines, 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world. 

Leiki services:

SmartSegments: Quickly create tailored audience segments that sell.

SmartMedia: Show visitors relevant content across sites, automatically on each page.

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