Leiki helps Alma Media push the right content to the right place

Alma Media is one of the largest media companies in Nordics with annual revenue of over EUR 350M. By widely using SmartMedia – Leiki content recommendation services – in a variety of sites in the Alma Media network, the company can help users discover and consume more of their content.

SmartMedia (including SmartContext and SmartPersonal) adept at understanding textual content across various content types: articles, video, images, classifieds, etc. Each content item is analyzed with Leiki’s advanced semantic AI engine to create a very detailed “fingerprint” or content profile of topics associated with the content.

Use cases: Tabloid newspaper

Alma uses SmartMedia on Iltalehti.fi, the second most popular news sites in Finland in 2018. On Iltalehti.fi front page, we show personalised recommendations based on the user’s clicks throughout the Alma Media’s network with Leiki SmartPersonal. This provides easy access to articles that interest the reader the most. Users see personal recommendations even if it’s their first visit to Iltalehti.fi, if they’ve clicked on any other Alma Media site. On the article pages Leiki helps the user to stay engaged in Alma Media’s sites with recommendations based on the content of the article they are currently reading, with SmartContext.

In this example, the user has opened an article of houseplants (view the screenshot below, the text has been translated into English), and is shown related content from various sites. The recommendations include more articles about houseplants from within the site (“More on the subject”) as well as decoration tips ads from Alma Media’s online marketplaces. These recommendations are based on the user’s clicks throughout the Alma Media’s network.

Alma Media is a dynamic media company working in Nordic countries, the Baltics and Central Europe. Alma Media works on various segments, including Digital Consumer Services, Financial Media and Business Services, National Consumer Media, and Regional Media. Alma Media employs about 2300 people and had revenue in 2017 totalled EUR 367.3 million.

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SmartMedia: Show visitors relevant content across sites, automatically on each page. 

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