Leiki and Aller offer programmatic audiences to all online ad campaigns

Publishers and media companies are looking for ways to engage their visitors and to utilize audience data in the most effective manner while fully respecting the visitors’ privacy.

Working in the forefront of its industry is Aller Media, one of the largest media companies operating in the Nordics. With Leiki, Aller Media offers targeted advertising based on detailed audience data. The aim was to create the most precise and most enriched target groups on the market. A comprehensive picture of purchase intent is formed by combining high-volume international clickstreams with a behavior on publisher sites.

In today’s world you cannot make accurate assumptions based on rough classifications. Consumer profiles have become much more personalized; people are not defined by age but by common interests and life situations.

Laura Avonius

Director of Digital Innovations, Aller Media

SmartSegments, Leiki’s unique programmatic audience creation tool, has been proved useful in:

  • Launching new audience segments on the fly.
  • Creating premium and campaign-specific segments for any single topic or a combination of topics, whether they are very specific or general.
  • Most in-depth understanding of user interest thanks to Leiki’s unique semantic analysis.
  • Implementing and defining segments instantly, using real-time user data.

With the help of Leiki’s semantic AI technology, European populations are dynamically segmented based on their values, lifestyles, current and long-term interests. Using Aller’s own customer and subscriber data and external data from various international sources, a comprehensive picture of consumer’s purchase intent that could not be seen from one data source alone, is found.

The consumer has up until now felt that the traditional, inaccurate advertising is at worst a disruption. Our new service will change marketing into a service that can benefit the user. We are simply tired of wrong assumptions and want to offer our customers information and precise target group knowledge as well as bring a human touch into the marketing. Sini Kervinen

Head of Online Advertising, Aller Media

Programmatic audiences created by Aller’s segment data now can be easily found on DMPs such as Adform and Google Display & Video 360.

Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of 3.2 million copies. Aller Media was founded in 1873 and is among the most innovative and modern media companies in Denmark.

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