Leiki is now part of DoubleVerify

Semantic AI since 2000

Leiki is the global leader in providing software as a service (SaaS) solutions for semantic context-based intelligence, intelligent user profiling and audience segmentation. Leiki technology can understand any piece of text in a human-like manner. So instead of the human adapting to the machine, we make the machine adapt to the human.

Based on two decades of continuous R&D efforts and experience, Leiki’s Semantic AI technology analyses text with more than 200,000 topics connected to millions of rules, giving an unparalleled understanding of any given text. Every year, over 60 billion recommendations are served in 30 languages using our technology.

Founded in Finland in 2000, Leiki operates in Europe and the United States and partners with some of the most powerful brands in the world. Since 27 December 2018, Leiki has become a part of DoubleVerify, the leading independent provider of marketing measurement software, data and analytics. Leiki’s Semantic AI engine, ontology and unique expertise in contextual and audience analysis complement DoubleVerify’s comprehensive array of solutions for media transparency and accountability.

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