We at Leiki have a special knack for content discovery. Working with everybody from international industry giants and small local start-ups, we are proud to offer solutions that make content discovery easier for the users.

Today we’d like to present how we bring relevant content to users of one of Nordic customers, Alma Media. Alma Media is one of the main media companies in Finland, with brands ranging from one of the most popular web sites in Finland, tabloid newspaper iltalehti.fi, to car, apartment and job classifieds such as monster.fi.


Recommending the right content in the right place

Leiki content recommendation services SmartContext and SmartPersonal are widely used in a variety of sites in the Alma Media network to help users discover and consume more of their content.

Leiki’s Smart Services are adept at understanding textual content across various content types: articles, video, images, classifieds, etc. Each content item is analyzed with our semantic engine Leiki Focus to create a very detailed “fingerprint” or content profile of topics associated with the content.





SmartContext is the market leading service for contextual content recommendations. It’s uniquely able to recommend content across content types and sites and does this by finding related content using the meaning of content – not keyword frequency.


SmartPersonal stands for behavioral content recommendations. As it also uses Leiki’s unique analysis of the meaning in content, it can recommend content from any other site and content type based on usage of one site.

Case: Tabloid newspaper sends traffic to premium content

Iltalehti.fi is one of the most popular web sites in Finland. It is a central source of information for a significant part of the national population and source of traffic for the other sites in the Alma Media network.

On Iltalehti.fi front page we show personalised recommendations based on the user’s clicks throughout the Alma Media’s network with Leiki SmartPersonal. This provides easy access to articles that interest the reader the most. Users see personal recommendations even if it’s their first visit to Iltalehti.fi, if they’ve clicked on any other Alma Media site.

On the article pages we help the user to stay engaged in Alma Media’s sites with recommendations based on the content of the article they are currently reading, with Leiki SmartContext.

In this example, the user has opened a review of the new Ford Mustang, and is shown related content from various sites. The recommendations include more articles about Ford Mustangs from within the site (“More on this topic”) and from other Alma Media sites (“External links”) as well as Mustang car sale ads from Alma Media’s online marketplaces.


Case: Recipe & home cooking network

Kotikokki.net is the most popular food & recipe website in Finland. All through their site Leiki shows both contextual and personalized recommendations.

In this example, the user is viewing a recipe for BBQ chicken skewers. With SmartContext, below the article, the user can see related recipes from another Alma Media cooking site (“More on Pippuri.fi”), related articles on that topic on other Alma Media sites (“External links”) as well as discussion threads from within the site (“Discussion on this topic”).

Next to the recipe we display also personally relevant recipes from within the site (“We recommend you”) with SmartPersonal. These recommendations are based on the user’s clicks throughout the Alma Media’s network.


Screenshots have been translated to English

Alma Media & Leiki

In numbers

Around 400 million impressions are logged for Leiki’s recommendation widgets on a monthly basis. Each widget typically shows three to six recommendations. Matti Liljaniemi from Alma’s Digital Business Development tells that tens of millions of visits have gone through Leiki’s widgets, and Alma has increased the customer flow between Alma Media’s sites significantly with Leiki’s services.

About Alma Media

Alma Media is a dynamic media company working in Nordic countries, the Baltics and Central Europe. Alma Media works on various segments, including Digital Consumer Services, Financial Media and Business Services, National Consumer Media, and Regional Media. In 2014 Alma Media employed nearly 2,000 professionals and had revenue in 2014 totaled approximately EUR 295 million. Alma Media’s share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

Get Leiki’s Smart Services and enjoy the benefits

More clicks

SmartContext and SmartPersonal recommendations are 3-5 times more effective than traditional “Most Popular” and “Recent” recommendations.

Retain readers

The reader does not have to leave your site to look for more information as they can see more related items; no dead ends

Upsell premium content

Offer related premium content on your free editorial sites and attract the readers’ attention on topics they are interested in.

Cross-site traffic

Link all the sites and content archives in your network and immediately give your readers easy access to more interesting content – and increase traffic!

Personal experience

Offer each reader a personalized home page with SmartPersonal. This can be achieved even on the first visit to a site based on other browsing. Personalization profiles are updated in real time so the changes in interests are picked up with no delays.