Bonnier Tidskrifter announces today their new ad management system that is based on real time browsing behavior, made possible by Leiki’s Smart Services. Leiki’s semantic analysis tool allows advertisers to find out people’s purchase interests from media browsing. With Leiki’s solution Bonnier is “creating new opportunities for advertisers to accurately reach the right visitors on Bonnier Publications sites”.

Today there is a flurry of different data analysis systems. Using an optimal precision, available with Leiki’s Smart Services, advertisers can direct their message to the specific visitors that show interest to particular products, e.g. a ‘mascara’, instead of using general targeting topics, such as ‘beauty’, that miss the target users in most cases.

With semantic [targeting] we can capture people while they are doing their research online, for example through articles and reviews. This way we can direct the right message to the right people in the midst of their research process rather than afterwards. This method is closer to actual pre-targeting.

Jorid Aldrin

Digital Media Analyst, Bonnier Tidskrifter

We can now offer our customers access to up-to-date high quality first-party data that will help them to become more relevant to the target group in a first class advertising environment and thereby achieve much bigger effect.

Andreas Sandin

Sales Director, Bonnier Tidskrifter

Bonnier cooperates with the tool’s developer Leiki, who today is the “world leader in semantic analysis”. Leiki’s core technology has about 200,000 semantic themes and 5 million linguistic rules.