Stampen Media Group, one of the largest media-houses in Scandinavia has partnered with Leiki to offer the most unique and accurate interest-based target groups on the Swedish market. Leiki has integrated with Stampen’s online/offline data solution Brain to offer 100% semantically-enriched target groups. With the Leiki-fuelled Brain, media houses in Sweden now have access to audience segments that have before been impossible to reach just using traditional demographic targeting based on attributes such as age, gender and income-levels.

Leiki SmartSegments and Brain can now pinpoint refined segments, for example, ‘Book Worms’, including intellectuals interested in theater and literature, or ‘Decision Makers’ with semantic profiles consisting of financial instruments, corporate technology or fiscal reports; and many other ground-breaking audience groups. During autumn 2016 Leiki and Brain expect to have some 30 unique semantically enriched segments available in numerous DSPs.

To find out more about this next generation targeting offer, please contact Martin Säntti for additional information.

Martin Säntti

Martin Säntti

Business Development Director

Martin has 15+ years of experience in business development on international markets. With a strong background in B2B and advertisement technologies Martin has worked for companies like McAfee, SAP and tech-start-ups. Martin has joined Leiki to expand its business in the Nordics and beyond. On his spare-time he enjoys playing around with his home recording studio, cooking and swimming. You can reach Martin on his mobile +358 400 977553.