Leiki SmartTrends tool understands user interests in media to unprecedented depth – in real time. Publishers can see what topics appear most often in your content and what topics are most popular among your visitors. This information can be used to create more content on the topics that are trending right now.
Are your journalists writing about topics which are currently most interesting to your users?
Are SUVs more popular among iPhone or Android phone users?
Which city has more people interested in holidays to Spain?
SmartTrends can also be used by advertisers to find the suitable platforms to reach optimal target audience. You can drill deep into specific topics, see more general trend lines, compare the differences between visitors from different geographic areas or using different device types.

Find out all about your users’ interests with Leiki SmartTrends!

Leiki Consumer Insight Report

Are companies targeting the right device type to reach optimal target audience? There are some surprising differences between what type of consumers are interested in what type of content.

You might have heard of stereotypes associated with a particular device, but now we can find out the actual differences in people’s behavior. Leiki has been collecting very detailed anonymous interest data from 20 million browsers in Europe and has released first analysis results from the Leiki SmartTrends tool.

What is Leiki doing here?

Over more than 10 years, Leiki has developed a unique ontology with more than 200k topics associated with millions of word patterns to analyze text and understand meaning of content in great detail. Based on the content analysis Leiki’s product follows consumer interests associated with individual browsers in real time. When users are grouped according to the device they use we can find out average interests associated with each device type. In the image here we focus on comparing Apple users with Android users.

Leiki SmartSegments

This understanding is used by our SmartSegments service to pre-target products and other marketing without requiring the user to visit a webshop like traditional retargeting systems. Leiki’s dynamic segments can be passed directly to campaign management systems such as DFP and data management platforms such as Adform.

Getting started


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Detailed instructions and technical support will be provided when you start to use the service. Our standard pricing model is a monthly fee based on monthly traffic volume.