Leiki SmartTracker

Leiki SmartTracker is a unique marketing & advertising tool for understanding your users. SmartTracker creates detailed consumer interest profiles of site visitors, combining personal interest data with online purchase intent information. These personal profiles can be transferred to your CRM system, integrated with purchase history and used to trigger multichannel marketing events. They can also be sold to advertisers for use in targeted RTB (real time bidding) campaigns on a CPM basis.

SmartTracker generates revenue by

Making your own online marketing much more effective
Improving your service based on detailed understanding of users
Targeting offline marketing via CRM integration
Sale of targeting information to advertisers

How our customers use SmartTracker

Generating consumer profiles for personalization

Leiki SmartTracker identifies purchase intent and consumer interests by analyzing browsing activity, creating purchase intent profiles (PIP). You can use PIPs to personalize your site to better reflect the visitors’ interests and meet their needs.

Audience segmentation for analysis and campaign targeting

PIPs can be used to compare and link consumer interests between visitors to different sites, products and offers.

Monetizing data

You may also offer your PIPs for resale to selected premium marketers to monetize your visitor information through RTB campaigns. Typically you get paid for the data on a CPM basis, with the payment being comparable or even larger than the campaign spend on media space.

Predicting purchase interests online and utilizing it in marketing & advertising

SmartTracker can trigger multichannel marketing events by comparing the PIP with available products and marketing messages. This allows marketers to pre-target ads to consumers whose purchase history does not foretell interest in a durable good.

Augmenting retail CRM or taxonomies with site visitors’ personal interest profiles

PIPs can be easily integrated into CRM systems and combine it with a user ID, loyalty card, credit card, or site registration, when available. This can then be used for online and offline targeting, campaign analysis and management, as well as best customer modeling. PIPs can be automatically mapped to any customer specific taxonomy, such as a retail product classification.

What is a Purchase Intent Profile (PIP)?


Our Leiki Focus profiling system generates uniquely detailed and accurate weighted topic profiles for all types of web content including articles, videos, social posts, and product listings.

SmartTracker then follows consumer clicks in real time to combine the profiles of pages viewed to form purchase intent profiles (PIPs). The PIP typically has several hundred weighted categories describing the interests associated with each web browser.

SmartTracker use case


A car manufacturer wanted to target advertising of different types of cars based on online purchase intent. The targeting was achieved with Leiki SmartTracker simply by pasting SmartTracker tags on the pages of the car site, which generated the Purchase Intent Profile for each user. The car segment best matching the visitor’s interests was passed to the advertiser’s campaign management system, and then used to select the car ad to show in an RTB campaign on various media sites, not including the car site itself.

The results for the car site publisher were great: The CPM payment for the targeting data was much larger than the media spend. Even better, the car manufacturer got a five-fold increase in their click-through rate and turned into a repeat customer.

Getting Started


Implementing SmartTracker is easy:

  1. Copy the JavaScript tracking code supplied by Leiki to your web pages.
  2. When a user is visiting your site, read in their Leiki cookie ID from a global JavaScript variable so you can match to a user ID on your side.
  3. Query user profiles in real time through our REST API or get them in batch mode from nightly XML dumps.

Detailed instructions and technical support will be provided when starting to use the service. Our standard pricing model is a monthly fee based on number of page impressions analyzed by SmartTracker. Please contact us for a quote for your application.

Unique technology

SmartTracker is powered by Leiki Focus, the world’s most comprehensive general-purpose ontology. Focus identifies more than 200,000 concepts using over 5.3 million rules. These rules and categories have been manually crafted by a dedicated team of professional linguists during more than a decade of live Focus deployments and are continuously updated by our advanced ontology center in Helsinki.

Additional solutions

Leiki provides market leading services for online media, retail and advertising. We offer ready solutions for contextual analysis, consumer and audience preference analysis and automatic targeting of all forms of advertising. Companies use Leiki’s services to understand page context and each consumers preferences with unprecedented accuracy and detail, to show consumers the most relevant content and offers across sites, automatically on each page; and to maximise traffic and revenues!

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