Leiki SmartSegments


Leiki SmartSegments is a tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns.

Traditionally publishers have used generic demographics (age, sex, location, browser type) and rather crude audience segments (‘music’, ‘sports’, ‘movies’, ‘business’) to target ads in their online networks; this type of segmentation offers little insight on users’ interests.

Unlike traditional targeting and segmentation, Leiki SmartSegments go much deeper. SmartSegments is a unique tool to pinpoint specific topics groups of users share an interest in. Simple, flexible and accurate way to get ads right where they matter!



What makes SmartSegments unique?


An example here shows how Leiki can analyze individual brands in detail, such as clothing brands.
For example, grouping the user base into males and females is one traditional and popular way to segment the audience. The male/female segmentation is typically done by looking what websites each user visits. So imagine this: Person A visits a woman’s magazine. This means that Person A is cataloged as a female and then shown an ad targeted to females. But isn’t it quite a lot to assume that all users that visit a women’s magazine are females? Or, even if they were, to assume that all females are interested in the same topics?

Instead of making crude assumptions and segments, why not look at exactly what article Person A clicked, what are the topics of that article and target ads based on those topics? SmartSegments does exactly that – it intelligently gathers the topics each user is interested in from users’ clicks and allows online advertisers to cherry-pick the topics that they want to target each ad to and create very detailed audience segments.



Show number and proportion of users interested in a given topic or a combination of topics.

Create and save segments of users interested in one topic or a set of topics.

Show number and proportion of content available on a given topic or a combination of topics.

Transfer segments automatically to your standard campaign management and use in contextual and behavioral campaigns with your normal tools.


Use accurate purchase intent to create detailed interest segments instead of archaic audience demographics.
Enjoy the flexibility of selecting just one general topic or several detailed ones for the most optimal segment and find the most interested audience for your campaigns.
Easily segment large amounts of content, such as newspapers’ and magazines’ online editions.
Create new segments on the fly.
Offer detailed segments at premium rates and avoid having to sell your ad space for a bulk rate.

Using SmartSegments with your campaign management

1. Search for a topic and select from the auto-completed list.

You can define the classification system (Leiki High Def, IAB Tier 1, IAB Tier 2, IAB Tier 2+) and specify how your set of topics will be handled (do all topics need to match).

2. Click ‘search’ and see how many users and content match

You can edit your selection and create a perfect segment for you needs. Name and save the created segments for future use.

3. Use the segments to target advertisements in your normal campaign management!

Unique technology behind SmartSegments

Leiki Focus is a semantic software engine designed to understand and create a detailed profile of any piece of text – whether it’s a complex news article or a brief product description – and intelligently match similar items together. The idea is to greatly increase usage and user satisfaction of online media content with these uniquely accurate contextual and behavioural semantic content recommendations.

Customer experiences

Customer Case: Aller Media

Aller Media announces new service for targeted advertising based on detailed customer and target group data. Using Leiki’s unique SmartSegments semantic audience creation tool, Aller is excited to offer the most precise and most enriched target groups on the market. For the first time, Leiki will also enhance the target groups using external data sources for users’ online behavior outside a media group’s properties. READ MORE

Customer Case: Stampen Media Group

Stampen Media Group, one of the largest media-houses in Scandinavia has partnered with Leiki to offer the most unique and accurate interest-based target groups on the Swedish market. Leiki has integrated with Stampen’s online/offline data solution Brain to offer 100% semantically-enriched target groups. With the Leiki-fuelled Brain, media houses in Sweden now have access to audience segments that have before been impossible to reach just using traditional demographic targeting based on attributes such as age, gender and income-levels. READ MORE

Additional solutions

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