Leiki SmartSearch

Leiki SmartSearch is a natural language search tool that improves the results of domain and network searches by understanding what the user is actually meaning. SmartSearch can respond to naturally phrased questions and provides much more accurate results than traditional Search services.

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SmartSearch understands the meaning of the search query; it does not just extract the words. This makes it possible to find all relevant results from the scope of your search, not just the ones with the specified keywords. “How do I fix my bike tire?” will get you information on repairing a flat on your bicycle.
Often a single word can mean many things. SmartSearch disambiguates topics. For example, if you type in “python” it offers you “python (animal)” as distinct from “python (programming language)”.
SmartSearch provides a uniquely rich set of search choices. Using the intelligent autocomplete, e.g. “pumpk” not only autofills to “pumpkin” and “pumpkin pie” like other engines, but also offers the related topics, such as “jack-o-lantern”.
While SmartSearch is good with very short phrases, it also works with large blocks of text. You can for example copy and paste a paragraph of text and SmartSearch will find items related to that.
SmartSearch also recognizes URLs and the content on the respective page. You can type in a web address in the search box and SmartSearch will return results that match the content on the web address.

Unique technology behind SmartSearch

SmartSearch is based on Leiki Focus, the world’s most comprehensive general-purpose ontology. Focus identifies over 200,000 concepts using over 5.3 million rules. These rules and categories have been manually crafted by a dedicated team of professional linguists during more than a decade of live Focus deployments and are continuously updated by our advanced ontology center in Helsinki.

Getting Started


Please contact us at sales@leiki.com for a quote for your application.

Detailed instructions and technical support will be provided when you start to use the service. Our standard pricing model is a monthly fee on service level and daily traffic volume.