Leiki SmartProfiles

Leiki SmartProfiles finds the meaning behind any piece of text. Optimised to produce the most effective content targeting and consumer analysis SmartProfiles is used by a broad range of advertisers, web publishers and marketers.

Make your site smarter – just supply us with a list of URLs or a text feed and we will profile your pages accurately, automatically, and economically.

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SmartProfiles understands meaning


Unlike traditional keyword or entity extraction systems, SmartProfiles creates a human like understanding of the text that goes far beyond just extracting words or entities. SmartProfiles is even able to analyze very short content such as product or video descriptions and respond with a rich and accurate “tree” of metadata.

An example: When analyzing “Keith Richards” a leading competing system is able to detect that “Keith Richards” is a person – category unknown. For the same Leiki SmartProfiles returns a weighted profile of 23 categories, including detailed musical styles and other associations of the person. This yields far better results when finding connections to other relevant items, such as matching products to video clips. In this case Rolling Stones albums (not only albums by Keith Richards) can be targeted alongside Keith Richards video clips. While competing systems struggle Leiki triumphs.

Ideal for Content Targeting and Consumer Analysis


Leiki’s semantic analysis has been created and optimised for more than ten years to not just analyze content, but analyze it in a way that produces the most effective content targeting and consumer analysis. This makes a huge difference in the applicability of the technology.

SmartProfiles is based on the most comprehensive ontology (concept hierarchy) on the market. Leading competing solutions either use no ontologies at all or do searches of standard ontologies available on the web. The problem is that the standard ontologies have not been developed for content or consumer analysis and return categories that produce mismatches and nonsensical results. For example, a standard ontology’s category “famous persons who were born in California” connects people from completely different fields and industries who have nothing to do with each other in reality. Another category “inanimate objects” may sound ok from a philosophical perspective, but in practice under that are everything from a skyscraper to a toothbrush, resulting in a mess.

How our customers use SmartProfiles

Leiki SmartProfiles are used by advertisers, web publishers and marketers define content to IAB Tier 2 level and beyond. Analyzed items are typically articles, videos, products, documents, classifieds, forums, and image galleries.

SmartProfiles have been optimized for ad targeting and content recommendation, with typical use cases for content discovery including:

Targeting advertising via OpenRTB and other data interchanges
Creating standardized tagging
Displaying related content within your domain or network.
Aggregating content into topic pages
Improving search, SEO, archiving and other content management functions
Converting web store catalogs into automatically targeted display ads

Consumer Preference Analysis

SmartProfiles and associated service SmartTracker have been also optimised for consumer preference analysis, used for:
Generating consumer profiles for personalization
Audience segmentation for analysis and campaign targeting
Predicting purchase interests online and integrating to retail CRM

Unique technology behind SmartProfiles

SmartProfiles are created by Leiki Focus, the world’s most comprehensive general-purpose ontology. Focus identifies over 200,000 concepts using over 5.3 million rules, crafted by a dedicated team of professional linguists at our advanced ontology center in Helsinki. Our standard service can also provide IAB Tier 2 / OpenRTB 2.1-compliant tags. See an example below with both IAB Tier-2 Profile as well as the detailed Leiki High Def Profile. In addition, we support standardized public ontologies and customer-specific taxonomies such as product and content topic categorizations.

Getting Started

Two ways you can send a data feed to us:

Submit content page URLs to our REST API. We will scrape the URL to get the text of the content item and return the profile as an XML response.
If you have access to the full text content (article text without page navigation and other items) you can submit it with the REST API or through a full-text feed. After submitting the content items you can query their profiles with a REST query.
Details are included in the Leiki SmartProfiles API document which we will send upon request. Pricing is based on service level and volume of content. Please contact us for a quote for your application.


Leiki SmartSafety

Leiki SmartSafety is a uniquely accurate and flexible brand safety solution. It provides negative targeting based on the best-of-class Focus High Def 200,000 category ontology.

SmartSafety is a solution that offers user configurable sensitivity to your designated negative targeting categories, brand-specific positive and negative filtering, and urgent topic (breaking bad news) filtering. It is also available for global advertising use through our brand safety partner, DoubleVerify.

Contact us for more information.